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LED enterprises how to grasp their own direction in the era of electricity

  According to the national financial magazine After nearly 20 years "barbaric" growth, with the development of the network, the vulgar profit era of traditional electricity into decline, return to nature of retail, seize the channels of information flow, logistics, cash flow is the core competitiveness. The development of e-commerce in China in the "golden age".
  From catfish type to poison "inverse raiders" to pervasive "subversive", electricity consumption, finance, agriculture, health care, a strong rise of cross-border trade and so on each category.
  Than to give priority to with online retail e-commerce continuous link rapid growth. In 2002, China‘s e-commerce market is only 1 trillion yuan worth of business; In 2014, e-commerce business total about 13 trillion yuan, up 25% from a year earlier, the overriding in the universal electric dealer market.
  China‘s electricity industry in attack type growth at the same time, also appeared a variety of chaos, low culture, the vicious competition, fake flood, the good faith crisis, tax problems, and so on.
  If traditional trade is inefficient, extensive, the efficient electricity would rush down along with extensive pace? LED enterprise how to in such situation to grasp itself?
  The oligarchs sit on mount tai?
  China is already a giant standing B2C electrical business category, in consumer-to-consumer category, is taobao dominance, almost became a synonym for the ego private store. As for online share exchange, or theory of alibaba buckle down dumping "from", remains the same mobile "prosperous", are not WeChat rival.
  After the giant rampant mergers and acquisitions "enclosure" in 2013 and 2014, China‘s Internet area of ji more clearly. Analysys, a think-tank, announced in September 2014 mobile APP list, nine of the top ten belongs to BAT, left a sogou input method has also been tencent stakes.
  Mergers and acquisitions investment "sides" intensified, followed by accelerate splitting format: taobao shielding baidu search, grab; Near the shopping by no means inferior to use pay treasure payment; Taobao and WeChat shielding each other; Against ali had high hopes, "and" mobile communication software, held shielding WeChat; Ali investment, quick take a taxi defeated in WeChat platform to share a red envelope, as ali is sina weibo then blocked WeChat people number in weibo.
  Some just have a fledgling entrepreneurial e-commerce sites said they felt the electricity monopoly under the format of another kind of pressure. Mother-to-child vertical e-commerce sites "honey bud treasure" recently announced a complete C $60 million in financing. Bud initiative, CEO Liu Nan said, "honey" in the first phase of the received from negative type of B2C e-commerce platform, "or you let I investment, or I‘ll hit you."
  Electrical property format, meet market share to certain level, big platform dealing with resource controls the ability to see. But to inspect their invention, new trade and retail formats are forming. Tencent, baidu union association, wanda and form online ligand, alibaba stake Yintai O2O experiment in the department store trying to in addition to the traditional B2C platforms such as suning, gome and dangdang to open, the United States last year listed gather beauty is superior, Vipshop vertical type electric business, are also increasingly popular, complete C round pocket shopping is wechat business structure.
  January 24, community O2O "broken and set up" conference and distributed network resources before departure ceremony held in Beijing, even if have electricity jingdong how vertical category, in the community distributed network mode still cause investors, everything HongTai investment funds, and other investment institutions, or many funds filed to capital injection.
  Huimin network as the foundation, therefore the world hundreds of thousands of community supermarket to create a community supermarket business network over the world, on the one hand, between the supermarket and community inhabitants to build a network of business and community management platform (B2C); On the other hand, for the community supermarkets and manufacturers or base to create a fast trade logistics network (B2B). In investors point of view, this model hit the market "pain points", can support provider for "last one kilometer" of difficulty, can buy again community "ren and the second pulse" to survive, to create new business models.
  "During the period of the Internet, three to five years is a generation, bosses are very anxious, ever-present fear itself be reversed." As huimin investors, fortune venture capital fund TMT industry investment, one reason He Shixiang performance, needless worry completely oligarchs, as long as the link innovation, provide users with the most useful, new competitors can come to the fore.
  Without this manley?
  Low price, save money, is electricity "eyes" of "one‘s speciality. From a "double" and "12-12" to "drops a red envelope", "1 yuan tickets", throughout the electricity "river lake" in a variety of network marketing, all without this essential ingredient. According to iresearch consulting agency statistics, 48% of consumers choose online shopping reasons is because of the cost factors.
  Nanjing wisdom of Confucianism investment conduction co., LTD., chairman of Zhu Yi thought, electricity and the traditional retail the biggest difference lies in its no physical stores. As a result, at least, artificial, rent, depreciation, amortization, utility fees, such as measurements are saved, thus provides about for a low price.
  After 90, taobao owner Chen Mengmou same home has 5 years foreign trade dress shop. In her view, online stuff homemade continues to provide important chain is "short circuit", center operating capital is reduced. But he said, "now business become more and more owe good, present" through train ", "diamond booth ‘, ‘offer‘ and weibo, WeChat public accounts and other marketing spend money not a few. Electric business capital appears to be" light ", but "heavy"."
  Boc international retail study released in 2014, according to the statement no matter in the sea surface, electric commercial degree rate is much higher than traditional retail at the beginning of the formats. Have data to show, in recent years, the traditional retail uniform integrated gross margin at about 20%, net profit margins at around 4%; Electricity under 10% more uniform integrated gross margin, net profit margin is negative.
  "Electricity is not without money, but gave birth to the new capital." Huatai securities researcher Xu Shigang said retail industry, dealing with vertical electrical contractor, at least need to burden distribution, such as skills development, confessions sold measurements. Platform of electric business platform for the capital also includes business bringing capital, access to new users of capital, marketing promotion, the order of the implementation of the genre capability, etc. "Electricity resume for ten years the onset of type growth, online user growth below 20%, flow surpluses. Elastic space becomes very limited electricity price in the future, electricity capital is in a rising tide lifts all boats."
  LED lighting products in electric vendors sell more thought to the topic, how to do it in the middle of the after-sales business acme is useful combination of online and offline.