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A time two trends four breakthroughs in three directions

  Real estate 365 JuWang reported 2014 years has passed, ushered in the new 2015, in the New Year, people express some humble opinions for the LED lighting industry development in 2015. Sum up in 2015, LED lighting industry for a time two trends four breakthroughs in three directions.
  An era
  In 2015, will open a new era of LED lighting. If the incandescent lamp lit up in the 20th century, then the LED will light up the 21st century. In October 2014, the red battery and yong, amano hao village take couple of scientists because of the invention "high brightness leds" blue won the Nobel Prize for physics, in energy conservation and environmental protection concept, driven by LED lighting good development prospect.
  Promote quickly, for the moment, the LED penetration, but the traditional lamps and lanterns in the terminal application and manufacturing, is a large proportion of enterprises in product development and management is still with our age is very obvious and profound traditional lighting, and this will have a big change in 2015 and built up a new era.
  Two trends
  1, the world economy is recovering from the slow growth of the Internet, new technology, new applications such as 3 d printing brought new economic growth point for the world, it still performed very well in the United States. According to statistics, America‘s GDP growth by 2.6% in 2014, is expected to reach 3.3% in 2015.
  2, from China‘s economic growth into rapid growth, GDP growth from the original two digits to around 7% today. Although GDP growth is slowing, but compared with other developed countries, still keep the high level, and the urbanization construction in railway, countries will continue to put trillions of money for development. Therefore, the overall economic situation is not so good, also not as pessimistic.
  Three directions
  1, semiconductor technology is improving, in terms of substrate, silicon substrate, gallium nitride, sapphire, three kinds of materials to coexist; In terms of chip, suit chip, flip chip both, but flip chip will be more popular; In terms of encapsulation, CSP chip package technology has emerged, such as the technology changes, will play a more perfect characteristics of the leds.
  2, the LED light source as the center, will appear in the form of "1 + N". LED is no longer just a lamp, it will become a platform that can be used in optical communication, also can connect the camera, solar, display a variety of equipment, such as when LED all links, will also lead to higher added value.
  3, the Matthew effect will be further, the stronger the strong and the weak weaker. However, unlike industry such as mobile phone, household appliances, IT, lighting industry because of its products, industry characteristics, small businesses still have living space.
  Four big breakthrough
  In 2015, we need a breakthrough from the following four aspects:
  1, the width, that is, the breakthrough of thinking. Leds can‘t always stay in the replacement level, we have to think big, beyond, on the "pan LED lighting" to strengthen innovation and development.
  2, depth, the leds do more professional. This will require companies to do subtraction, in his own area do fine, specialization, and deep, maybe will find suitable for their own survival space and cheese.
  3, concentration, that is, to improve the LED price, and provide consumers with enrichment, change numerous for brief products. Four is high, which LED to have the height of wisdom, wisdom is the trend of the future lighting, but wisdom is not the same as complex, minimalism, ease of operation is the foundation of widely used.
  Finally, I also to talk about a little expectation to the development of LED lighting.
  Hope we can from manufacturing to smart LED, change the current LED lighting production is big, the awkward but lack of innovation; Hope the LED brand can go abroad at an early date, as IT‘s ABT (ali, baidu, tencent) as the international leading companies;
  Hope to increase the value of LED industry, in terms of key generic technology, invention patent have more breakthroughs and span, the so-called "brand can let you go farther, a patent can let you go faster, innovative, let you fly higher". Hope will be LED into a us proud industry, LED the world of dreams is no longer a "step".