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Play well the characteristics of the LED will be the future of the lighting industry

  According to China electronics news) 2015 annual exhibition Lighting Japan, the number of enterprises to visit the audience also empty again. In this indicator and lighting has been compared to the world lighting technology LED the whole industry chain of key enterprises to enter the Japanese market meeting, Japan once again to the lighting industry around the world in a very good lesson.
  From the technical development level and scale, Japan LED lighting enterprise would walk in the forefront of the world. Japan‘s market LED lighting permeability in 2013 was 50%, the first breakthrough in the world. Comply with Japanese officials plan in 2020, the Japanese LED lighting penetration of shipments will be as high as 100%, which is a lot higher than about 70% of the world‘s proportion, permeability and ownership will be as high as 50%.
  Put it another way, five years later, 1 billion sets of Japan‘s lighting market in 500 million will be replaced by LED lighting lamps and lanterns. Such a huge market, attracted the attention of the countries LED enterprise vision, LED industry bosses are taken in our country. Lighting in Japan in 2015, the exhibition in 2014 from 3 to 4, the number of enterprises also increased to 60.
  "The audience is much more, our booth is neglected." In the exhibition of Chinese companies, most of these enterprises has received the good effect, but also some enterprise little effect. How can appear this kind of circumstance? According to understand, and the domestic market is Japan LED lighting market has developed to the mature stage. As energy is relatively scarce country, Japan‘s fukushima nuclear leak makes this problem more severity.
  Government subsidies and incentives, LED lighting companies go to great lengths to publicity, people in the face of the electricity price step by step to improve the energy demand, strongly stimulate the ball bubble lamp, absorb dome light, such as the sudden growth of household lighting products market. From the point of view of the current development, the development of the market has slowed, is expected to reach saturation state in two years. Sure enough, the reporter found that the audience rarely focus on enterprises, it is these tend to be on display at the saturation of alternative products.
  Look at Japan‘s exhibition enterprises, give full play to the LED itself characteristics and advantages, seeking breakthroughs in two ways:
  On the one hand, they dig LED lighting technology potential, and spent a lot of energy in the product design. To this end, the organizers specially for high brightness technology opened a separate area, suitable for office lighting, commercial lighting, factory lighting has the potential market of high-power products favored by the visitors. Fully combined with new materials, all kinds of new type lamps and lanterns of strange shape embodies the designer to understand the characteristic of LED lighting, but also make enough visitors, and the world people‘s attention.
  On the other hand, they play the unique advantages of leds, develop a new range of application. Lighting control field, visited many inquiries intelligent lighting solutions. Suitable for cosmetic fields, new products in the field of agriculture, has also been the visitors.
  LED lighting market experience, from Japan took only two years will increase from 20% to 50%, the permeability of LED lighting after and if there is limited to the replacement of traditional light source, has a lot to the development of enterprises to difficult, I‘m afraid. So, I LED domestic enterprises to speed up the transformation idea, get out from the end of the alternative design, spend more idea to better play to the characteristics of LED. (zhao morning)
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