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China LED lighting enterprise current situation domestically

  According to network data in China LED lighting companies now faces a big domestic price infighting and foreign patents on two of the cruel competition, so do the export enterprises there is a big risk on the patent.
  Therefore, we should respect the multinational enterprise‘s patent, after all, is the somebody else has invested huge financial and material resources and manpower to research achievements; In addition, the domestic excellent enterprise can unite, formation of patent pool, strengthen international competitiveness. Rights of way is around the corner, on the patent problem, we will never give up the exercise of patent rights.
  Period from 2000 to 2000, from phosphor, chip to encapsulate, LED most of the core of the patent or control of large enterprises in foreign countries. Now the domestic production quality has improved, so say to the attitude of the patent, we should respect the intellectual property rights, respect for test results from the external enterprise research and development for many years.
  Also should pay attention to quality, many domestic enterprises patent, can form the patent value for the performance of cross products, win the market. Like dalian LuMing and many have product development power enterprise common form of intellectual property rights, promote the healthy development of the industry, the revitalization of the lighting industry. LED lighting the development space is very big, also all of you health is also my wish.