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Behind the rapid development of LED lighting industry in the darkness and fear

  According to the semiconductor lighting on the morning of 1, the national federation of trade unions, secretary of the secretariat, the 20th anniversary of the establishment of legal work department minister guo is labor law implementation situation review. He in the account "excessive overtime problem is quite serious," named and shamed for companies such as foxconn, pointed out that some companies such as foxconn illegal arrange laborer to work overtime for a long time for a long time, that some workers appear all sorts of mental health problems, cause karoshi or suicide phenomenon occurs frequently.
  Message has not been pass by fermentation, 3rd gauntlet foxconn that awards response: "to work overtime and himself without involvement of cause and effect." And "we are not perfect, but please save our forward" as soon as possible, "we also please guo constantly called upon presentation at the same time, you can probably ‘walk to the lower, meet enterprise and employee voice".
  Small make up for the foxconn challenge QuanZong but not to defend itself, on the other hand also shows the traditional manufacturing industry faces rising labor capital.
  Foxconn transformation LED lighting Because of the labor capital rise
  As early as 2009, foxconn to philips, ge and other international lighting giants do OEM, according to get to know each other, only one year time, philips and ge two manufacturers LED OEM orders is brought over RMB 200 million to foxconn‘s selling well. But than reason for regional labor capital rising sea in mainland, LED lighting OEM orders to start off to southeast Asia and other areas, foxconn‘s LED lighting OEM orders and therefore greatly shrunk.
  Foxconn cheap foundry "upper hand" losing at the same time, other LED companies began rapid development, such as Taiwan lite-on technology, snow Wright have become philips LED lighting lighting enterprises foundry workshop. Because rising labor capital, industry competition intensifies, etc reasons, under the "squeezing" of foxconn for LED lighting held in sino-cooperative program transformation.
  But according to edit the acquaintance, until now, foxconn‘s own brand is still not the "OEM" reputation.
  LED lighting enterprise "sympathy"
  As we all know, the past 20 years, China‘s reliance on cheap Labour capital make the "made in China" around the globe, "the workshop of the world" has become synonymous with China. But in recent years, the map layout of dentition pyramid in the intense change occurs, the resurrection of generation of the farmer workers share out, "hire difficult", "labor shortage" become labor elk type set manufacturing industry face huge challenge. The LED lighting industry also deep taste of the bitter.
  LED lighting enterprise can be made according to get to know each other, shenzhen science and technology co., LTD., was in December 2013, southern metropolis daily reported to exist large suspected of illegal use of child labor. The enterprise employs 69 children from sichuan liangshan yi autonomous prefecture, things for up to 12 hours a day, for only 2000 dollars a month. It is said that the company usually in yi after the New Year will recruit a group of 13 children in, as long as does not walk, will use inheritance.
  And Eric just that difference, Taiwan LED enterprise crystal electricity in the face of rising labor capital subject, select the LED after the period of processing factory set up in xiamen, this is the first company in Taiwan upstream of epitaxial factory set up after the period of process production line to the mainland.
  , according to the crystal power due to an employee can be arrived in xiamen Taiwan local salary six people, just the current region in the face of local labor capital increase, but for crystal electric, still can show the results of the manpower capital is low.
  Edit summary: in the Labour capital rising tide and industry competition pressure, decoration staff overtime work overtime to become enterprise high obedience and high yield can be the cheapest. Foxconn QuanZong and dare to challenge, on the one hand, is the "employment" has contributed to the foxconn, in big difficult employment situation, the enterprise constantly emit coherent, said employees in order to survive as a decoration enterprise, use Q energy pay is rewarding comfort itself; On the other hand is to "blame" to the lack of labor rights protection. Foxconn‘s "jump" has long been familiar, but foxconn is still popular, why?
  Other, LED drive enterprise shenzhen can blow IPO earlier bick but when suspected of illegal use of child labor, just more bad than "foxconn"! Small make up for the LED lighting enterprise to quit, don‘t just for trying to enterprise growth. LED lighting, on the other hand, enterprises should also be aware of the low capital surplus labor force has less and less, how to promote the competitiveness in the future? To strengthen the level for process optimization, to promote active, increase product added value... I‘m afraid is a better choice!