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Emerging markets LED lighting industry development form analysis

  Universal lighting according to the network data compilation Recently, the wood Tomlinson co., LTD., general manager of marketing center Lin Jiliang to "emerging markets LED lighting development situation and opportunity" as the theme, from two aspects: "event horizon and world" Shared his views and wood Tomlinson in the face of emerging market ideas and experience.
  He said that China‘s lighting enterprise is numerous, especially the manufacturers of large, therefore, in such a market channel is of crucial importance. Due to China‘s LED market channel chaotic, the brand market share is not high, coupled with the particularity of the Chinese market, also makes the enterprise in the aspect of channel construction is particularly difficult.
  Lin Jiliang points out, in fact, the channel itself belongs to the traditional circulation mode, especially the hardware channel wholesale market. In 2011, wood Tomlinson began from the packaging to the downstream application extension, the layout of the lighting products, and the Chinese market as the primary entry point. With the ia wood Tomlinson product line, also began in hardware, lighting wholesale channels in some engineering projects.
  In 2013, wood Tomlinson, besides domestic channels are also into the layout of the overseas market, it is such a layout that wood Tomlinson find more and better opportunities in overseas markets.
  Investigate its reason, Lin Jiliang analysis thinks, the brighter the satellite map, the relatively strong demand for lighting, the greater the market. Thus, the population, policy, electricity price and demand is the important factor driving the market index.
  Such as North America for many years has been the biggest lighting market; And 24% of the total electricity lighting such as the United States, Germany occupied electric rate is only 8%, 9%, these are for lighting provides a huge market.
  Lin Jiliang thinks, at present, a few relatively large industry body, the economies of most basically has good performance, especially the United States has achieved 5% GDP growth in the fourth quarter of last year. Visible, in the whole development, from the point of economic performance in the emerging market as a whole, its growth rate than developed countries.
  How to seize the development of emerging markets and opportunities? Lin Jiliang believes that this vision associated with an enterprise. "World" determines an enterprise into the important link, is also a measure of a enterprise can walk how far and how long will it take the important indicators. The wood Tomlinson is the whole world as a potential market in the future. From the packaging to the lighting, wood Tomlinson along the way it is in line with the vision to layout.
  According to Lin Jiliang, wood Tomlinson in planning the whole market, from product, brand construction, channel construction, capital operation in four aspects, such as for each market has a different plan, according to different market will provide different portfolio of products, and establish the local distribution system, including personnel organization planning, market planning and local public relations planning, etc.
  For channels, mainly wholesale and engineering channels of two parts, and according to the different markets to distinguish between; In public relations, carry out all kinds of brand promotion activities, some advertising planning and public relations work ten years of development, such as landing for China‘s semiconductor lighting industry with international competitiveness, strong productivity, a batch of excellent brand.
  Wished to enter the foreign domestic peers can also, grasp the good opportunity, build channels, build brand, long term, cultivate good future together a piece of the sky, will produce the ability to present to the world, also for the Chinese manufacturing into China smart lay a good foundation.