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The PPP model into public focus Lighting enterprises how to conveniently cut

The country during the two sessions this year, to promote the PPP mode become a hot topic in the representatives of legislation, from the PPP model system of mechanism, institution construction, supervision system applied to various industries the PPP mode, the PPP pattern of promotion has aroused attention from all walks of life. The country during the two sessions this year, to promote the PPP mode become a hot topic in the representatives of legislation, from the PPP model system of mechanism, institution construction, supervision system applied to various industries the PPP mode, the PPP pattern of promotion has aroused attention from all walks of life. Recently, the city of into the cities the PPP development workshop managers BBS successfully held in guangzhou. Conference pointed out that despite the current PPP developing very fast in the field of lighting, but the project, the landing is really rare. Lighting industry both familiar and strange to the PPP, the eagerly anticipated by his positive policy to the country, but don‘t start. Plagued by the government for the construction of infrastructure, haunt the lands project engineering company, also affects to cut to the PPP. The PPP mode obvious advantages, has a broad prospect Over the past 20 years, the PPP around the world have made significant achievements, widely used in the areas of government franchising. According to the measure, from 1985 to 2011, global infrastructure PPP nominal value is as high as $775.1 billion, among them, the Europe accounted for 45.6%, Asia and Australia, accounted for 24.2%, Mexico, Latin America accounted for 11.4%, the United States and Canada accounted for 8.8% and 5.8%, respectively. PPP mode itself has a unique advantage: one is to improve the benefit of the investment and construction management, the PPP mode to the government‘s strategic plan to organize and coordinate, enterprise project management operation, technological innovation and financial institutions financing advantage effectively combined, forming resultant force. The second is to control the local government debt risk, especially in the current under the condition of limited government financial resources, the introduction of social capital investment projects, to broaden the financing channels provides an important way. 3 it is conducive to promote reform and innovation of financing platform. It is understood that in 2020 China‘s urbanization will increase from the current 53.6% to 53.6%, a large number of rural population urbanization, and urban infrastructure upgrades, original form each other related basic investment demand not less than 40, one trillion yuan. Like a flood in the Yangtze river has flooded cities shows China‘s infrastructure construction tasks are very heavy. To meet this demand huge infrastructure, just rely on the government‘s investment is not enough. Especially in the current government debt is high, the enterprise debt overrun, the land under the condition of financial support and sustain, must consider the new financing mode, the 30th anniversary of reform and opening-up of our country has accumulated the abundant social capital introduction to form social capital effective cooperation with the government, and the PPP model is a good starting point to achieve this goal. Infrastructure projects in China is dominated by the government, or by the government financing platform construction operations, after introducing social investment subject, improve greatly to project marketing operation requirement, will speed up the reform and innovation of the financing platform company themselves. Dense and the related ministries and commissions under the state council issued a series of policy document, promoting the government and social capital cooperation pattern, local governments actively follow up, with all kinds of infrastructure and public services of the PPP project. As of May 31, the ministry of finance the PPP center platform project of the communist party of China has 8644 PPP project, total investment of over 9.88 trillion. More than the end of March 923 projects; Investment increase of 1.1 trillion, a 12.6% increase. As of May 12, into execution library (i.e., in the procurement, execution and transfer stage) project 865, accounting for 10.8%. Landscape lighting market, promote the PPP project Along with our country urbanization speed up, thought highly of by people more and more urban lighting environment lighting, urban landscape lighting project started, LED outdoor landscape lighting market. According to statistics, in 2015 China LED landscape lighting market output value reached 47.8 billion yuan, in 2016 is expected to reach 50 billion yuan output value of landscape lighting. Along with the growing of urban outdoor landscape lighting, the PPP model will also increasingly application, become the focus of outdoor lighting enterprise hot topic, many enterprises, even unbearable, the PPP pattern project. On July 12, leah‘s announcement said, a wholly owned subsidiary of shenzhen jin da lighting co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the king of lighting) was identified as chifeng district illumination upgrade the consortium wins the bid unit of the PPP projects, priced in total 256 million yuan, account for 13% of the company 2015 annual business income is audited. Jindal lighting, the PPP mode the bidding for large infrastructure construction, and pioneering significance. Construction of the project is scheduled for September 30, the company‘s 2016 annual performance is expected to have a positive impact, and the next seven years after the construction will be ongoing maintenance. Jindal lighting, chairman of the chih-ching chang once said, including the development of future intelligent lighting, China lighting the PPP is billions of memory, is valuable. Improve enterprise‘s comprehensive competitiveness, cling to the PPP air port PPP mode (government and social capital cooperation), collaboration and social capital for the government to provide infrastructure and public services. The PPP model is not a kind of brand-new concept, already appeared as early as the end of last century in our country through the PPP project cases. Yet in the lighting industry really known in nearly two years, the current domestic LED outdoor lighting and most of them adopt PPP mode to operate. In the future, the PPP model will become the one of the leading styles of infrastructure and public service supply. Outdoor lighting enterprises how to break through, and actively participate in the construction of urban public lighting project, cling to the PPP mode the fresh air, become an urgent problem in the industry need to think about. Although domestic lighting industry can be the reference of the PPP model success is not much, but with the rapid development of urban construction, the PPP model as a government push to buy future service content, outdoor lighting enterprises also need to constantly innovate in products and services. For lighting companies, especially for the outdoor lighting enterprise has a positive impact.